thank you.

giving thanks. Offering a heart that is thankful. Thank-full. Full of thanks. Offering a heart that contains thanks and is full to the brim with gratitude, bursting with thank you’s.

it is an action. To give thanks. An action chosen. An action chosen with furrowed brow relaxing, fists opening. An action chosen when stomach jumps, knees bend to jump, grimace turns wide grin, focus lifts from below to above. 

it is an action that leads to joy. It is an action that is chosen that leads to joy. A chosen action leading to joy.

Furrowed brow relaxing

Fists opening

Bent knees jumping

Grimace upward turning

Focus lifting

relaxing. opening. jumping. turning. lifting. 

The chosen action of giving thanks leads to joy. 

Furrowed brow


Bent knees


Lowered focus

To choose to give thanks in all things is to choose to see the grace in all things. To believe there is grace in all things. The gift of grace. To voice a thank you. Whisper it in all circumstances til your voice hoarse and dry can voice it, shout it, sing it. Rejoice





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